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Essential Generator Accessories for Every Generator Owner

Generators are the unsung heroes of our modern world. They provide power during outages, support outdoor activities, and even save lives in emergency situations. But owning a generator is not just about buying the machine; it's about enhancing and maintaining it with the right accessories. In this article, we'll explore the essential accessories that every generator owner should consider.

Why Generator Accessories are Important


Safety is the cornerstone of any electrical device, and generators are no exception. Accessories like transfer switches, grounding rods, and proper exhaust systems ensure that the generator operates within safe parameters. They prevent overloads, reduce the risk of fire, and protect both the equipment and the people using it. Without these safety measures, a generator can become a dangerous liability.


Efficiency is all about getting the most out of your generator. With the right accessories, you can optimize fuel consumption, reduce waste, and ensure that the generator provides consistent power. From fuel stabilizers to smart chargers, these accessories are like tuning your car for optimal performance. They make sure that every drop of fuel and every spark of electricity is used to its fullest potential.


Generators are significant investments, and you want them to last. Accessories like covers, air filters, and regular maintenance kits can extend the life of your generator by years. They protect against wear and tear, keep the internal parts clean, and ensure that the generator is always ready to perform. Think of them as the vitamins and regular check-ups that keep your generator healthy and robust.

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Must-Have Accessories

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are the gatekeepers of your generator's power. They ensure that the power from the generator is safely transferred to the appliances without back-feeding into the grid. This is not just a convenience; it's a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Manual or automatic, transfer switches are like the traffic cops directing the flow of electricity, making sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

Generator Covers

Weather, dust, and debris are the enemies of your generator. A good generator cover is like a shield, protecting the machine from the elements. It ensures that rain, snow, or dust doesn't get into the sensitive parts of the generator. Whether it's a simple tarp or a custom-fitted cover, this accessory is essential for anyone storing a generator outside or transporting it regularly.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are the lifelines that connect your generator to the devices it powers. But not all cords are created equal. Heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords are a must. They need to handle the wattage, resist weather, and provide a stable connection. It's like choosing the right arteries for your generator's heart – the right cords ensure that the power flows smoothly and safely.

Fuel Stabilizers

Fuel can degrade over time, leading to problems like gumming and corrosion inside the generator. Fuel stabilizers are like preservatives for your fuel. They keep it fresh, ensure proper combustion, and prevent problems that can lead to costly repairs. If you're storing fuel or not using your generator regularly, fuel stabilizers are a must-have accessory.

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Enhancing Your Generator's Performance

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Generators can be noisy and create vibrations that lead to wear and tear. Anti-vibration mounts are like shock absorbers for your generator. They reduce noise, minimize vibrations, and can even extend the life of the generator. If you're using your generator regularly or in a residential area, anti-vibration mounts can make a big difference in comfort and durability.

Hour Meters

How long has your generator been running? When is the next maintenance due? Hour meters are like the odometers for your generator. They track running time, help you schedule maintenance, and provide valuable information about the generator's usage. It's a simple accessory that can save you time and money in the long run.

Remote Start Kits

Want to start your generator without going outside in the cold or rain? Remote start kits are like the remote car starters for your generator. They allow you to start and stop the generator from a distance, adding convenience and flexibility to your setup. Whether it's a simple remote control or a smartphone app, remote start kits are a valuable addition to any generator system.


Owning a generator is more than just buying a machine; it's about understanding and investing in the accessories that make it safe, efficient, and long-lasting. From essential safety devices like transfer switches to convenience features like remote start kits, these accessories are what turn a good generator into a great one. Don't overlook them; embrace them, and make the most out of your generator.

Heavy-duty outdoor-rated accessories used for generators


What is the most important accessory for a generator?

Safety accessories like transfer switches are often considered the most important, as they ensure safe operation.

Can I use regular household extension cords with my generator?

It's best to use heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension cords that can handle the wattage and environmental conditions.

How do I choose the right cover for my generator?

Look for covers that are designed for your generator's size and model, and ensure they are made of durable, weather-resistant materials.

Are remote start kits compatible with all generators?

Not all generators can be fitted with remote start kits, so check with the manufacturer or a professional installer to see if your model is compatible.

How often should I use fuel stabilizer in my generator?

Fuel stabilizer should be used whenever you store fuel for extended periods or if you use your generator infrequently. Follow the instructions on the stabilizer for proper usage.

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