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Lifan Power USA

TR15REG-DB Lifan Power USA Single Phase Liquid Cooled Standby Generator For Supplying Clean Power For Extended Run Times For Home With Powder Coated Housing, Convex Lid Low Distortion Levels, And Long Run Times - 200 Amp 15kw

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15kW Single Phase Liquid Cooled Standby Generator with 200amp ATS and battery. It will operate on propane or natural gas fuel. The housing is powder coated and features a convex lid so rain will run off easily. When utility power is out this generator will supply clean power for extended run times. The generator has a 5-year warranty.


15KW Standby Generator
1-liter automotive engine
200 Amp Non-Service Rated Automatic Transfer Switch Included
Powder Coated housing
Convex lid
Low distortion levels
Long run times
For Propane or Natural Gas fuel sources
Battery included


Unit Dimensions:Length 54" x Width 32" x Height 33.35"
Package Dimensions:Length 7.75" x Width 35.5" x Height 37.75"
Weight Net/Gross:838lbs.


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