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Aims Power

Pv190mono Aims Power 190 Watt Solar Panel Monocrystalline is Perfect for Home, Vehicle, RV Installations and Industrial Applications With Easy to Install, Aluminum Outer Frame, Tempered Glass and Stronger Surface - 18.7v, 10.16 Amps, 26.5lbs

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The 190 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel from AIMS Power is a versatile performer constructed with tempered glass and a stronger surface to protect from harsh weather conditions. The solar cells used in this panel provide high light transmission and the textured glass allows for a more efficient panel. The panel also includes a bypass diode that minimizes the power drop caused by shade. Easy to install using the pre-drilled holes on the aluminum outer frame. Perfect for home, vehicle and RV installations and industrial applications.


Monocrystalline efficient solar harvesting
Strong surface for harsh environment
Panels capable of 0 to +3 Watts over rated capacity
Pre-drilled aluminum frame
Temperated glass
25 year limited warranty


Maximum Power (Watts):190 watts
(Vmp):18.7 volts operating voltage
(Imp):10.16 amps operating current
(Voc):22.44 volts open circuit voltage
(Isc):10.92 amps
Solar Cell:156mm x 52mm
Number of Cells (pcs):12*3 = 36
Front Glass Thickness (mm):3.2 mm
Temperature Coefficients of Isc (%) °C: -0.048
Temperature Coefficients of Voc (%) °C: -0.29
Temperature Coefficients of Pm (%) °C: -0.37
Temperature Range:-40°C to +80°C
Tolerance Wattage:0-3 watts
Surface Maximum Load Capacity:6000Pa snow and 3600Pa wind
Allowable Hail Load:45mm at 30.7m/s
Bypass Diode Rating (A):10
Cell Efficiency (%):21.69%
Module Efficiency (%):19.16%
Warranty: 91.2% of 12 years, 80.6% of 25 years
Weight Per Panel (lbs):26.5 lbs
Dimensions (inches):58.25 x 26.5 x 1.37