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Lifan Power USA

LF4250EPL Lifan Power USA 4000w Platinum Generator - 7MHP w/Elect Start Contain Low THD Alternator Technology, Which Produces “Clean Energy” With A Sine Wave Distortion Of 5% Or Less, 100% Copper Windings And Welded Magnetic Plates ,120V / 240V

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LIFAN Power USA’s Platinum Series LF4250EPL & LF4250EPL-CA Generator are part of our Platinum Portable Generator Series. Our Platinum Portable Generators contain low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) alternator technology, which produces “Clean Energy” with a Sine Wave Distortion of 5% or less! With this “Clean Energy,” all of your sensitive tools and equipment can be powered safely, without the risk of damage! The consistent power output of our Platinum Portable Generators can allow contractors to extend the life of their tools on the job site up to twice as long, as compared to tools powered by a traditional Portable Generator. For maximum conductivity, the Platinum Portable Generators use 100% copper windings and welded magnetic plates to produce clean, dependable energy.

These commercial grade generators are a perfect fit for the farm, contractors, emergencies, homeowners, job sites, or special events!



Voltage:120V / 240V
AC Surge Output:4250 watts
Rated AC Output:3500 watts
Maximum AC Amperage:30 amps
AC Cycle:60hz
Copper Wound Brushless Alternator:32 uF Storage Capacitors
120V 8.3amp DC Receptacle:2 ea. Battery Maintainer
120V 20amp AC GFCI Receptacle:1 Duplex
120V 30amp 3-Prong:1 ea.
Twist-Lock Receptacle:1 ea.
120/240V 30amp AC Twist Lock Receptacle:1 ea.
USB Port:Master Circuit Breaker
Circuit Protection:Yes
Digital Volt/Frequency/Hour Meter:Lifan
Engine Manufacturer:LF170FD-13111
Engine Model:7 MHP
Maximum Horsepower (MHP):211cc
Engine Displacement:Recoil / Electric
Starting System:4 gallons
Fuel Tank Capacity:Rust Preventive Coated Steel
Fuel Tank Material:12 hours
Run Time (@ 50% Load):65db
Sound Level (@ 7m / 23ft):4-stroke OHV
Engine Type:Automotive Grade
Fuel Type:Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Compliance:10% ethanol mix
Oil Type & Amount:SAE 10W30 20oz.
Automatic Idle Control:N/A
Low Oil Shutoff Protection:Yes
CARB Certified:(-CA) Models Only
Packaged Dimensions:27" x 23 1/3" x 24"
Packaged Weight:142½" lbs.
Battery Maintainer:Power Cord Included
Spark Plug Wrench:1 ea.
Mobility/Wheel Kit:10" foam tires


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