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4kWh EcoFlow Power Hub 4kWh Power Kits, 220-240V AC Input, 230V AC Output | 30 cm X 48 cm X 14 cm | 31 Kg

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Whether you’re replacing your van’s electrics or building a system from scratch, Power Kits plug-and-play system allows you to easily modify your hardware to fit your van and power needs.


4 Charging methods include up to 4800W solar, 1000W alternator, 3000W shore power, and 1800W Smart Generator input.
Plug-and-play for simple assembly
Compact, integrated design, all-in-one inverter hub
Save space with stackable batteries
48V system, a safer, smaller power solution
Real-time and remote smart controls


Power Hub Specs:
Net weight (lbs): 31 (kg) 14
Dimension (cm): 30 x 48 x 14 cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Connection:Wi-Fi /Bluetooth /Mobile App
AC Main Output/Frequency Pure Sine Wave: 3600W (Surge 7200W), 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
DC Main Output: 13.6V/70A 1000W Max: 26.4V/60A. 1600W Max
AC Main Input: X-Stream Fast Charging 3000W Max, 13A Max
AC Main Input Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Solar Charging Input: 15-150V 30A, 1600W Max
Alternator Charging Input: 13V-60V, 60A, 1000W Max
Operating Temperature: 25℃-60℃
Charge Temperature: 25℃-60℃
Discharge Temperature: 25℃-60℃
Storage Temperature:25℃-60℃
Tests and Certifications: UL Standard, FCC,ICES


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