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DELTAProBC-US-RM EcoFlow Smart Electrical Panel 120/240V, 60Hz, 10 Controlled Circuits, Wall Mounted | 18.1" X 11.8" X 4.7" | 20Lbs

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The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel integrates EcoFlow DELTA Pro with your home to achieve a flexible, expandable home battery solution to store energy for later use. Link up to 10 of your home circuits for uninterrupted power during blackouts, smart energy management, and more. All while saving money in the process.


    A smart home battery system
    Backup power for essential home appliances
    EcoFlow app control
    Peak rate avoidance
    Sustainable & self-sufficient


    Output Voltage:120V / 240V
    System Frequency:60Hz
    # of Controlled Circuits:10
    Rate Current:30A, 20A, 15A
    Max Backup Power:3600W / 7200W
    Max Connected Battery Energy:21.6kWh
    Charging Input (DELTA Pro):3400W Max
    IP Code:IP20
    Installation:Wall mount, to be installed by a licensed electrician
    Warranty:3 Years
    Dimensions:18.1 x 11.8 x 4.7 in / 460 x 330 x 120 mm
    Weight:20 lb / 9 kg


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