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DELTAProCC-LV EcoFlow Portable Power Station Generator Accessories EV X-Stream Adapter, 100-240V Input, 3400W Max

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Via the EcoFlow EV X-Stream Adapter you can charge the Ecoflow Delta Pro worldwide at lightning speed via level 2 EV charging stations for electric cars.


    [Fast Charging: Get super fast 3400W charging from EV charging stations at home, or on the road and charge your DELTA Pro to full in 1.7 hours, that's faster than most power banks, let alone power stations

    Wide Compatibility: Supports Type 1 connectors (SAE J1772 connector). This makes your portable power supply chargeable at thousands of EV charging stations.]


    Input/Output Voltage:100-240V~ 50Hz /60Hz
    Maximum Input/Output Power:3400W Max
    Connector Type:Type 1: J1772 (for US/JP), Type 2: Mennekes (for EU GB/T, for CN)


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