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Natures Generator

HKNGPDEL Nature's Generator Elite Power Pod Made To Be Used In Conjunction With The Nature's Generator - Elite And Features 100ah Built-in SLA battery, Capacity: 100Ah (1,200Wh) (Dimensions 18 x 12 x 15 in.)

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Nature's Power Pod - Elite is made to be used in conjunction with the Nature's Generator - Elite. It comes with an internal 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery that can be recharged through the solar panel input on the front of the unit. On the front of the unit we also include an LED light fuel gauge to let you know the units level of charge as well as a 12V DC outlet. The Nature's Power Pod - Elite also includes a storage compartment on the top section of the product. The fuse connector for expansion purposes is stored there. You can also store any other items inside the compartment that you may want to keep handy with your unit.

Front control panel includes:

  • One 300-watt solar panel input
  • One 12-Volt DC outlet
  • LED battery fuel gauge

How to recharge your Nature's Generator Power Pod Elite

  • Using the Nature's Generator Power Panel - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.
  • Using the Nature's Generator Battery Charger/Maintainer - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.

What can the Nature's Generator Power Pod power?

All run times are estimated. By using your system with the included Power Panel(s), run times are extended further.

Run Times with Nature's Generator + Power Pod

  • Smartphones - 100+ Recharges
  • Tablets - 60+ Recharges
  • Laptops - 40+ Recharges
  • LED Light Bulbs - 100+ Hours
  • Point of View Camera - 300+ Recharges
  • Mini Fridge - 15-20 Hours
  • Refrigerator - 12-20 Hours
  • 32" LED TV - 30+ Hours
  • Oscillating Fan - 30+ Hours
  • CPAP Machine - 20+ Hours
  • Circular Saw - 5 Hours of Normal Use
  • Corded Drill - 9 Hours of Normal Use

What's Inside?

  • Nature's Generator Power Pod Elite
  • Hardware box
  • Owner's manual


    Nature's Power Pod - Elite is made with a 100Ah built-in SLA battery that is maintenance free.
    The units back panel houses a built-in 600V/350A expansion port for connection of the Nature's Generator-Elite in essence, connection of the Nature's Power Pod-Elite to the Nature's Generator helps provide larger energy storage and run time.
    Compartment on the top of the unit also provides a convenient storage space if needed.


    Product dimensions - Power Pod Elite: 18 x 12 x 15 in.
    Weight out of box: Power Pod Elite - 92 lbs
    Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Output Voltage: 120V
    Output Frequency: 60Hz
    Front LCD Display shows battery level
    Warranty: 12 Months
    Features & Battery Date:
    One 12V DC port (240W max)
    Solar Input (200W Max)
    LED multi-color battery fuel guage
    Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Expansion Cord to connect to a Nature's Generator or Power Pod - 45in. Long
    Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
    Capacity: 100Ah (1,200Wh)
    Keep plugged in or recharge every 4 months of non-use
    Built-in charge controller
    Built-in low battery protection


    Natures Generator Power Pod Elite User Manual,
    Power Panel Start Guide,
    Power Panel Assembly,