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Natures Generator

HKNGAUPE Nature's Generator Gold - PE System Great Introductory System That Allows Users To Start Generating And Storing Their Own Power With Built-in 1800-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter And 60Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Capacity: 12V 60Ah (720Wh)

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The Nature's Generator Gold-PE system brings together the Nature's Generator Gold System and the Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit. The Nature's Generator Gold System is a great introductory system that allows users to start generating and storing their own power even if it's something they haven't done before. With the addition of the Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit you'll be able to continue providing power to your most needed items without having to disconnect them from their current outlets. By installing the Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit you'll be able to link the existing power circuits in your indoor breaker panel to the Nature's Generator Gold System. The Nature's Generator can provide up to 720 watt hours of run time and with the Nature's Generator Power Panel, you can continually recharge the generator up to 100 watts per hour.

IMPORTANT: Installation of the Power Transfer Kit must be performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with all applicable electrical codes. Do not charge Nature's Generator by wall through AC input port when using Power Transfer Kit.

Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit

Features & Data

  • Connects to indoor breaker panel
  • Use during power loss or as main source of power transfer

    Nature's Generator Gold System PE Highlights

        • Continually create and use your own power by keeping the included Nature's Generator Power Panel connected to the Nature's Generator
        • The included Nature's Generator Power Panel's sturdy design is reinforced with 3.2mm of safety and anti-reflective glass
        • The Nature's Generator Power Transfer Kit can be installed next to almost any indoor breaker panel. By connecting your Nature's Generator to the Power Transfer Kit you'll more easily be able to continue providing power to your most needed items in case of power loss.

    How to recharge your Nature's Generator Gold System PE

        • Using included AC Cord - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.
        • Using the Nature's Generator Power Panel - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.
        • Using the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine. (sold separately and charge times can vary)

    What can the Nature's Generator Gold System PE Power?

    All run times are estimated. By using your system with the included Power Panel, run times are extended further.

    Run Times with Nature's Generator

        • Smartphones - 60+ Recharges
        • Tablets - 30+ Recharges
        • Laptops - 12+ Recharges
        • LED Light Bulbs - 50+ Recharges
        • Point of View Camera - 100+ Recharges
        • Mini Fridge - 12-18 Hours
        • Refrigerator - 8-12 Hours
        • 32" LED TV - 12+ Hours
        • Oscillating Fan - 12+ Hours
        • CPAP Machine - 8+ Hours
        • Circular Saw - 4 Hours of Normal Use
        • Corded Drill - 8 Hours of Normal Use

    Run Times with Nature's Generator + Power Pod

        • Smartphones - 100+ Recharges
        • Tablets - 60+ Recharges
        • Laptops - 40+ Recharges
        • LED Light Bulbs - 100+ Hours
        • Point of View Camera - 300+ Recharges
        • Mini Fridge - 15-20 Hours
        • Refrigerator - 12-20 Hours
        • 32" LED TV - 30+ Hours
        • Oscillating Fan - 30+ Hours
        • CPAP Machine - 20+ Hours
        • Circular Saw - 5 Hours of Normal Use
        • Corded Drill - 9 Hours of Normal Use

    What's Included?

    1 × 1800W Nature's Generator
    1 × Accessory Box ( Heavy Duty Cart)
    1 × Smart Key
    1 × User Guide
    1 x Power Cord (Inside back compartment)


    Nature's generator is made with a built-in 1800-Watt pure sine wave inverter and a 60Ah AGM sealed lead acid battery that is maintenance free
    Easy to read LCD display on the Nature's Generator will show you system information such as battery level, output information (over 100 watts) and charging status
    Included ports/outlets on the Nature's Generator front panel: 3 x 120-Volt AC outlets, 2 x USB ports that provide up to 3 Amp of combined power, 1 x 12-Volt DC outlet, 1 x solar input and 1 x wind input
    Nature's Generator back panel includes a built-in 600-Volt/175 Amp expansion port that allows connection of the nature's power pod for extended battery storage and run time
    Included SmartKey allows you to sync your generator to the Nature's Pulse app by connecting the SmartKey to the Nature's Generator you'll be able to track system usage and performance
    Poly-crystalline Nature's Power Panel provides up to 100 watts of recharge power per hour for the Nature's Generator the included 50 ft. solar panel cable allows you to successfully connect your Nature's Power Panel to the Nature's Generator creating a convenient, self-sustaining system
    By installing the power transfer kit and linking up to four circuits from your indoor breaker panel, you will be able to keep your most important items running in case of power loss common circuits to keep backed up include common areas, lights, garage doors, refrigerators, etc.


    18 x 12 x 15 in (47 x 30 x 38 cm) without cart
    23 × 17 × 22 in ( 57 × 42 × 55 cm) with cart
    Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Weight: 83 lbs (37.6 kg)
    Warranty: 12 months
    Output Power: 1800 watt max / 1440 watt continuous /2880 watt peak
    Pure sine wave
    Output voltage: 120V
    Output frequency: 60Hz
    Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
    Capacity: 12V 60Ah (720Wh)
    Keep plugged in or recharge every 4 months of non-use
    Built-in charge controller
    Built-in low battery protection
    USB Port: 5V, up to 3A (15W)
    12V DC Port: up to 20A (240W max)
    Expansion Port: 200A fuse
    AC Charger: 90W
    AC Charger Indicator: red (charging) and green (charged)
    Solar Charger: 200watt
    Wind Charger: 300watt
    Power Panel:
    100 Watt panel
    Cell Type: Polycrystalline
    Voltage: 17 ~22V
    Fuse: 8A
    Warranty: 12 months
    With cart: 42 × 6 × 32 in.
    Without cart: 40 x 1.5 x 30 in.
    Weight out of box:
    With cart and cable: 28 lbs
    Without cart and cable: 14 lbs
    Front Panel Ports:
    3 x 120-Volt AC outlet (1800 watt max)
    2 x USB port(UP TO 3A Combined power)
    1 x 12-Volt DC outlet
    1 x 300-Watt Wind input
    1 x 200-Watt Solar input
    1 x 90-Watt Wall Charging input
    Other Port At The Back:
    Expansion Port: 175A Anderson Power Pole
    Expansion Port Fuse: 200A
    Without cart: 18 x 12 x 15 in.
    With cart: 23 × 17 × 22 in.
    Weight out of box:
    Generator without cart - 83 lbs
    Generator with cart - 65 lbs
    Operating: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Power Transfer Kit:
    Product dimensions - Power Transfer Switch: 8 x 4.75 x 13.25 in.
    Weight out of box: Power Transfer Switch - 12 lbs
    Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Warranty: 12 Months


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