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Natures Generator

HKNGHK Nature's Generator Home Kit To Keep Your Solar Panels Plugged In Outside Of Your Home And Keep The Generator Connected Inside With One 6 Foot 12AWG Cable, 18" 12AWG Bare Wire And 6" 12AWG Bare Wire Nature's Generator Outlets

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Easily connect the outdoors to the indoors with the New Nature's Generator Home Kit!  


One - Nature's Generator Outlets with 18" 12AWG bare wire

One - Nature's Generator Outlets with 6" 12AWG bare wire

One - 6 Foot 12AWG Cable

Four - Wire Nuts (2 additional included for extending connection length)

* Wallplates are not included

** If you need to extend longer than 24" you can add additional 12 AWG wiring.


Keeps solar panels plugged in outside of your home and keep the generator connected inside.
Allows to run a connection through most walls without issue.
Easy to install kit


18" 12AWG bare wire
6" 12AWG bare wire
6 Foot 12AWG Cable


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