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Aims Power

PICOGLF50KW384V2083P Aims Power Inverter Charger 50Kw, Pure Sine Wave, 384vDC, 208vAC 3 Phase, 138.8A | 33.5"D X 33.5"W X 51.2"H | 926 Lbs

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SAY WHAT? 50kw DC to AC power inverter charger 3 phase? That's right!

Introducing the NEW AIMS 50kw 3 phase power inverter charger. This off-grid, back up power inverter is perfect for businesses, large homes, farms or other applications that require huge amounts of back-up power. The 50kw unit has a large DC input range allowing you to create your own DC input source such as solar, wind, hydro and deep cycle batteries. The higher DC input enables you to operate more efficiently when using this inverter. Its modular, simple and easy design allows for convenient access for maintenance and adjustments. The IPM provides high efficiency and stable performance prolonging the overall life of this inverter. The inverter also includes a power LCD display monitoring DC input, output frequency, phase voltage, phase current, AC bypass input voltage, output power kWH, time and date, temperature and fault codes. We also offer extended warranties.


Pure Sine Wave Technology
DC to AC Power Inverter
50,000 watts off-grid back up power - 50kw
Simple design for convenient maintenance
LCD Panel
50 and 60 hz
Adjustable programmable output voltage: -40% to +20% of rated voltage
Adjustable DC input voltage, over voltage, under voltage, recovery time can all be set via the LCD panel
Step-down Voltage and Variable Frequency start up modes
Efficiency - >94%
Low frequency preventing RF interference
Low idle consumption
AC Bypass input function
Ideal for DC EMerge 380-volt DC
RS485 remote monitoring optional
Certifications: CE, CEC, CSA22.2, UL1741 and ERAC certified
Optional add on battery package available and includes:

32 AGM deep cycle 12V 200 amp batteries
31 Battery jumper cables
1 set of 10′ cables for battery bank to inverter
ANL fuse kit for extra protection
Optional add on solar panel package available and includes:

18 or 24 solar panels
All PV cables and connectors needed
100 amp charge controller


DC Input:
DC input - 384 volt
DC input range - 200-600 Vdc
Rated current amps - 130.2 A
AC Input - 3 phase 208 Vac
AC Output:
50,000 - 50kw
Pure Sine Wave
208 VAC (+\- 3%)
Three phase L1 + L2 + L3 + N + Earth
Current: 138.8 A
Adjustable 50/60 hz
Power Factor: >0.95
Inverter efficiency: >94%
LCD Display
Voltage accuracy - Load balancing<1%, Unbalance <5%
No load amps: 2% of inverter size depending on DC voltage (1000 watts / DC input voltage = amps)
Overload 150% - 5 seconds
Input reverse polarity
Under voltage,
Over voltage
Output over current
Short circuit
Over temperature
Fan cooled - Always on
Short circuit: no automatic recovery. Restart required
Operating temperature: -25 to 55 Celsius (-13 to 131 Fahrenheit)
Humidity: 90% non-condensing
Dimensions: 33.5"D x 33.5"W x 51.2"H
Weight: 926 lbs