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Gillette Generators

PJD-1550 Gillette Generators 4-cylinder 4045HF285 4-cycle Liquid Cooled Industrial Diesel Generator - Open With Mechanical Governor For Precise Frequency Regulation,SENTINEL “SCOUT PLUS” digital controller And Standby 150ºC Rise 155, 60 Hertz

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Voltage - Phase

Diesel powered systems for agricultural confinement houses, greenhouse facilities, and dairy operations. John Deere powering Marathon generator ends, equates to reliable back up power.

6 models from 64kw-215kw
Narrow dimensioned power units
Industry leading components


All generator sets are USA prototype built and thoroughly tested. Production models are USA factory built and 100% load tested.
All generator sets meet NFPA-110. Level 1, when equipped with the necessary accessories and installed per NFPA standards.
All generators are UL-1446 certified.
Solid state, frequency compensated voltage regulation is standard on all gen-sets.
Mechanical governor for precise frequency regulation.
SENTINEL “SCOUT PLUS” digital controller allows programming to basic engine functions in the field. Controller has stop-manual-auto mode and engine shutdowns, signaled by full text LCD indicators.
All generator set control systems components and accessories provide a 1-year limited warranty at time of initial start-up. Generators and engines are governed by separate warranties.
PJD Generator Sets: There is no enclosure, so gen-set must be placed within a weather protected area, un-inhabited by humans or animals, with proper ventilation.
PJD Frame: The frame is designed to be as wide as the gen-sets radiator, so that the gen-set can fit within a standard 30” wide doorway.


Manufacturer: Stamford Electric Generators
Model & Type: UCI274G-06, 4 Pole, 4 Lead, Single Phase
Model & Type: UCI274G-311, 4 Pole, 12 Lead, 208V, Three Phase
Model & Type: UCI27F-311, 4 Pole, 12 Lead, 480V, Three Phase
Exciter: Brushless, shunt excited
Voltage Regulator: Solid State, HZ/Volts
Voltage Regulation: ½%, No load to full load
Frequency: 60 HZ
Frequency Regulation: ± ½% (1/2 cycle, no load to full load)
Unbalanced Load Capability: 100% of standby amps
Total Stator and Load Insulation: Class H, 180°C
Temperature Rise: 150°C R/R, standby rating @ 40°C amb.
1 Ø Motor Starting @ 30% Voltage Dip (240V): 395 kVA
3 Ø Motor Starting @ 30% Voltage Dip (208-240V): 435 kVA
3 Ø Motor Starting @ 30% Voltage Dip (480V): 520 kVA
Bearing: 1, Pre-lubed and sealed
Coupling: Direct flexible disc
Total Harmonic Distortion: Max 3½% (MIL-STD705B)
Telephone Interference Factor: Max 50 (NEMA MG1-22)
Deviation Factor: Max 5% (MIL-STD 405B)
Ltd. Warranty Period: 24 Months from start-up date