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Aims Power

PWRIG500024120S Aims Power Pure Sine Inverter 24V, 5000W, 10000W Peak, 120vAC, 50/60Hz, 20A GFCI Outlets | 23.75 X 8.88 X 6.25 | 27 Lbs

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AIMS Power is proud to bring you this new 5000 Watt Pure Sine Power Inverter, designed for harsh environments, which has been completely overhauled and now boasts a dual GFCI outlet and is FCC certified. This product also includes a thermally controlled fan, allowing for increased efficiency and less noise. It will continue to put out stable, pure sine power and maintain output voltage, even as you battery bank voltage decreases. High output performance is achieved through a DSP (Digital Signal Process) drive. This inverter is ideal for running nonlinear loads (such as variable speed motors and small compressors). Pure sine power is also preferred for LaserJet printers, sensitive electronics, computer servers, microwaves, medical equipment, any with a circuit board and cordless drill battery chargers. An external battery voltage sensor will allow you to monitor your battery capacity and power consumption.

Packed with 5000 watts of power, this inverter can be used for off-grid home back up power systems, solar, boat, work vehicles and RVs. We designed this inverter to be more efficient operating at 24 VDC at higher loads.


5000 Watt continuous power
10000 Watt surge for 0.5 second
24 Volt DC input
Pure sine wave
60hz or 50hz switch
Highly efficient - improved ouptut at low voltage
2 - GFCI Dual Outlet
Direct connect AC Terminal Block
Connector and cable for remote on/off switch
Isolated ground & neutral
Short circuit protection (GFCI and AC Breaker)
On/off switch
5 Function Protection LED indicator
AC Breaker
DC volt meter included
Dual cooling fans thermally controlled
Instruction manual
1 year tech support
1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor replacement


DC Input Voltage: 26.4V (21V-30V)
Output Voltage no load: 120Vac +/- 3%
Continuous Power: 5000 Watts
Watt Surge: 10000 Watts
Efficiency: 91% @ full load
No Load Current (Fan Off): 1.3A 24V
No Load Current (Fan On): 2.2A 24V
Low Battery Shut Down: 20.0V
Low Battery Return on Power: 22.4V
High Battery Shut Down: 31.7V
High battery return on Power: 30.0V
Frequency Selection: 50/60hz
Over Temperature Protection: -25ºC - 79ºC
Cooling Fan on Temperature: 40ºC
GFCI Outlets: rated at 20A per block.
Dimensions (inches): 23.75 x 8.88 x 6.25
Weight: 27lbs