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Aims Power

PWRIX120012SUL Aims Power Pure Sine Inverter 1200W, 2400W Surge, 120vAC, 60Hz, Transfer Switch, Hardwire Only | 17.25" L X 9.5" W X 3.8" H | 10.2 Lbs

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1200 Pure Sine Inverter with Transfer Switch - ETL Certified to conform to UL 458 standards. This inverter is ideal for built-in RV refrigerators or other appliances. Easy to install. The inverter will switch between shore power and battery power without any extra wires. Many RV'ers and mobile businesses like to use residential size refrigerators and this is the perfect solution. Smaller microwaves and coffee pots are also common uses for this inverter.

One of the standards of UL 458 is that all AC inverters pass a High Voltage Dielectric Withstand Test, commonly called the Hi-Pot Test. The voltage applied to the control is usually equal to 1,000 volts, plus two times the line voltage rating of the inverter. Therefore, the standard hi-pot voltage for 115 VAC inverter is 1,250 VAC. For 230 VAC or dual voltage inverters, the hi-pot voltage is 1,500 VAC. This Aims power inverter is hi-pot tested before it leaves the factory, with a UL Certified hi-pot tested, set to the voltages shown above.


Pure sine
Conforms to UL458
Hard wire direct connect terminal block
1200 watt continuous power
2400 watt surge
Bypass when the inverter is off or on
Over voltage shutdown
Under voltage shutdown
Intelligent cooling fan
Automatic transfer switch 10 amps
Conformal coated for marine applications
Remote switch available
Less than 20msec typical transfer time
2 year warranty


1200 watts
2400 watt surge
Built in transfer switch: 10 amp transfer
Bypass/throughput: 10 amps. Do not exceed, damage may occur and void warranty.
DC input voltage: 10-16V
AC input voltage: 120VAC +/-10%
Output voltage: 120VAC, 60HZ
Efficiency: 86-90%
Over voltage shutdown: 16VDC +/- .5V
Under voltage shutdown: 10VDC +/- .5V
Under voltage alarm: 10.3VDC +/- .3V
Over temp protection: 150 degrees F +/- 5 degrees F
Thermal fan
Pure Sine output
No load current: 1.2A
Direct connect terminal block
L x W x H: 17.25 x 9.5 x 3.8
Unit: 10.2 lbs
Boxed: 13 lbs

Optional Remote
Part # REMOTEHF Optional Remote on/off switch (new flush mount design)
Dip switches to black out the lights if preferred.
L x W x H: 3 x 2.06 x 1