XP10000E Duromax Gasoline Portable Generator 10,000 Watts | 29" L X 30" W X 26" H 122 Lbs

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With the DuroMax XP10000E generator, you'll be ready for anything. The XP10000E is easy to travel over any terrain, from a camping excursion in the woods to a metropolitan project. The 439cc DuroMax OHV Engine produces 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 continuous watts, allowing you to power your home appliances, RV, and high-amperage tools with ease.


[Power Your Entire Home:
With 10,000 watts of power, the XP10000E gasoline generator will keep your whole home running during a storm or power outage.]

[Stay Powered Longer:
DuroMax generators feature an extra large fuel tank for maximum runtime. All DuroMax generators are approved for use in all 50 states by EPA and CARB, and follow strict guidelines to ensure our generators are as environmentally friendly as possible.]

[The Heart of a DuroMax:
At the core of all our products resides a robust DuroMax engine. Designed for Power. Designed to Last.]

[Power Panel:
The XP10000E comes equipped with a wide variety of outlets, including a transfer switch-ready 50 amp outlet. This generator features our MX2 Power Boost, which doubles the 120V power for appliances and RVs. ]

[What's in the Box:
XP10000E Generator, Oil Funnel, Spark Plug Wrench, Tool Set, Wheel & Handle Kit, DC Charging Cables, and Owners Manual.]


Peak Watts:10,000
Running Watts: 8,000
Peak Amps @ 120V:83.33
Running Amps @ 120V:66.67
Peak Amps @ 240V:41.67
Running Amps @ 240V:33.33
Runtime(Gasoline)at 25% Load: 22 hrs
Runtime(Gasoline)at 50% Load:10.4 hrs
Generator Specifications:
Voltage:120V / 240VAC & 12VDC
Frequency:60 Hz
Start Type:Electric / Recoil
Engine Size:439 cc
Volume Level:72 dB
Engine Type:4-Cycle Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition
EPA Certified:Yes
Engine Speed:3600 rpm
CARB Certified:Yes
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Product Dimensions:29" L x 30" W x 26" H
Fuel Tank Capacity (Gasoline):8.3 gal
Product Weight:122 lbs


Manual, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0215/6442/4264/files/XP10000e_manual_revised07012022_WEB.pdf?v=1680600342
Specs Sheet, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0052/1276/6281/files/XP10000E_Sales_Sheets.pdf?v=1631306807
Power Calculator, https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0052/1276/6281/files/wattage_sheet.pdf?17833165112984984672